About our prices

Sailing cruises can be found in all price ranges, from 100 euros per day to more than 5000 Euros per day. At first glance it all looks the same, but... the differences are large. Our tariff is reflected in the ships, the crew, the attentive service, meals and inclusive drinks (including alcohol) on board and especially in the hidden details!

Departure dates: from April till October every Saturday.


You can arrange your own flights either to Bodrum/Milas airport, Dalaman airport or Kos or Rhodes, subject to the itinerary.


The journey time from the airport is dependent upon your yacht’s arrival and departure harbours, but is approximately 15 minutes to 2 hours. Embarking and disembarking the yacht is usually at fixed times, probably from 15.00 hours on Saturday, and around 10 am on the Saturday of departure. There is usually no problem if you arrive/depart earlier or later as you can make use of the harbour facilities. You will receive the actual times with your travel documents. At the point of arrival and departure there is always somebody from our team to show you around and take care of your luggage. We can arrange the transfer to and from the airport to the yacht for you. Transfer prices on request.