On your own, as a couple or with friends?

Our passengers join us with either a friend or partner or on their own – about 50% of our passengers are single travellers. It is exciting for everyone, especially those travelling alone, to find out with whom they will be sharing the yacht. We know how important it is to create the right mix of people for each cruise. Therefore, chartering a small fleet enables us to pay a lot of attention to each sailing party. We take into account age, travelling status and special requests when putting a party together.

Or a yacht charter?

Groups of friends and/or families love to charter their own yacht for special occasions such as a birthday party or wedding anniversary. Chartering is also ideal for business events like a team building session. Passengers have the choice from the smallest vessel to the largest. Passenger numbers quoted exclude the crew. If you opt for a yacht charter you will get a substantial discount, up to 3900 Euro per week, depending on the period and the size of the yacht. To make it easier for you, we have already included this discount in our prices.