ScicSailing and the ultimate spiritual purification! A beautiful expression by one of our regular passengers! Once the sails are hoisted, you automatically unwind and relax, as you have nothing to do. For our guests and crew the most beautiful moment arrives when the engine is turned off and you only hear the wind in the sails and splashing of the waves against the ship. To indulge in these ultimate moments we try to sail as much as possible, subject to weather conditions.

Sailing with ScicSailing, is, without any doubt, a unique holiday. The captain welcomes you aboard, and as soon as the yacht puts out to sea, your worries melt away as you experience that feeling of complete freedom and relaxation. The crew is always there to pamper you, often almost knowing which drink to bring you before you ask! The chef indulges you with tasty and healthy meals.

On a ScicSailing cruise there is always something exciting going on, you are close to nature, you can make new friends and, above all, have lots of fun. For many years ScicSailing has been sailing along the south west coast of Turkey and the Greek islands. Every year, as they sail from bay to bay, our passengers are pleasantly surprised by the sailing capacity of our chartered traditional wooden yachts, with a professional crew at the helm.